Day of Discovery


Tuesday, April 21, 2020 | 
1 - 5PM ET


Join educators from around the world for a Day of Discovery event focused on empowering classroom teachers, instructional coaches, and school site leaders to discover digital content and instructional strategies, share resources with students, access grab-and-go resources, create dynamic digital lessons, and gain inspiration from other practicing educators.

- This event is FREE
- Join for one session or stay for the day. All sessions will be archived.
- A certificate of participation for professional development hours will be provided.

Schedule at a Glance
All times eastern standard time EST

1:00PM  Welcome   
1:15PM Discover Resources Learn how to power up your lessons through maximizing your search results using a variety of strategies efficiently to locate video segments, images, songs, audio books, encyclopedia articles, interactives, audio files, animations, and more.

Creating Clear and Concise Learning Goals in a Virtual Classroom  Gain actionable tips for ensuring your intended student outcomes are virtual-ready.

2:00PM Share and Assign Content Assigning content to students through Discovery Education enables fast access to materials, minimizes distractions, and creates opportunities for tracking completion. Content can be assigned as individual resources, folders of resources, or can be curated with a Studio board.

Infusing Your Voice in Asynchronous Learning  Explore ideas and reasons for creating personalized videos for your students.

2:45PM  Grab-and-Go Activities Why reinvent the wheel? Discovery Education Experience subscribers have access to over 1,000 grab-and-go lesson activities that combine Discovery Education content with the strategies you love. These lessons are available in a flexible format for modification or used as-is for a turnkey assignment.

Using More than Videos in Asynchronous Learning
Obtaining ideas that will help you meet your students' levels of readiness and interest.

3:30PM Create Lessons with Studio

Use Discovery Education’s creation tool, Studio, to wrap instructional context around digital content. Provide students with rich and relevant content, a variety of engagement strategies, and opportunities to make meaningful connections to the learning.

Planning Mini-Lessons in Asynchronous Classrooms
 Learn five easy steps for creating bite-sized learning opportunities for your students

4:15PM Gain Inspiration
Every day, members of your DEN Community are having rich discussions, sharing best practices, contributing customizable ready-to-go instructional resources, and connecting in-person and virtually through professional learning experiences.

4:45PM       Virtually Yours Ideas and ways to continue to learn, share, and connect with your Discovery Education Community.