DENny Awards 2020

Discovery Education believes that educators should be elevated and celebrated for everything they do to transform teaching and learning for students and their colleagues.

Established in 2009, the annual DENny Awards recognize Discovery Educators who have contributed to the growth of community through teaching or leading.

DENny winners receive a physical award and certificate, digital badge, and recognition of their achievement sent to their leadership team. Nominations are open through May 15th and award recipients will be celebrated on social media and notified via email on May 22nd. 
DENny_RJ_o.pngRJ Stangherlin Award

This award is dedicated to an educator who shows an outstanding commitment to social media, sharing and the Discovery Education Community.
LeAnn Simmerman

 Spirit of the DEN
This award is dedicated to an educator who is committed to learning, sharing and connecting with other educators.
Carrie Willis


This award is dedicated to educators who initiated or actively engaged in activity that significantly contributed to the sense of community.

DENny Award Recipients 2020 - Involvement

Emy Aultman
Tiffany Fowler
Michelle Hernandez
Karen Hobson
Shannon Hullett
Brian Johnson

eeeee Neirouz Mills
Chandler Rhodes
Katrice Skinner
Lisette Venegas
Elizabeth Weaver
Lindsy Weseman

This award honors educators who model and support the overall mission of the DEN in leading opportunities for others to learn, share, and connect.

DENny Award Recipients 2020 - Leadership

Heidi Alves
Becky Archibald
Martha Basulto
David Bendlin
Patrice Callahan
Ed Carlson
Marco Christian
Nathan Dorsch
Ellen Evans
Ryan Foster
Faith Freeman
Janelle Gauck
Wanda Hanley


Colleen Howard
Erin Jacobs
Kelley Knox
Anne LeBlanc
Cherri Nix
Kristy Panckeri
Nancy Reed
Christine Renaldi
Theresa Sanchez
Ulanda Washington
Claire Williams McGee
Niko Yasui


This award celebrates educators who demonstrate engaging and inventive approaches to teaching, learning, or leading.

DENny Award Recipients 2020 - Creativity

Tracy Bates
Denise Bernstein
Megan Brown
Amie Caulde
Taylor Cline
Andrew Cuesta
Erin Denny
Denise Douglas
Alan Dupree
Melina Easter
Jadedra Gilmore
Lori Grover
Leanne Hagen

eeeee Heather Lang
Brad Mann
Jay McBride
Brenda Miller
Erin Peel
Christina Pulhar
Rebecca Polasek
Scott Pollard
Luis Pozo-Lin
Casey Rimmer
Molly Shepard
Vernessa Weatherall

This award recognizes educators who have contributed to the success of local, national, or global Discovery Education communities through sharing their deep or unique expertise and skills with others.

DENny Award Recipients 2020 - Expertise

Christine Ackerman
Tamara Barnes
Travis Cooper
Amy Erb
Eve Heaton
Melanie LeJeune

eeeee Lauren Lintleman
Darlene Ohlenbusch
Shawndolyn Sims
Dedric Starks
Shannon Telljohn
Brandon Wislocki