DENny Awards 2019


Discovery Education believes that educators should be elevated and celebrated for everything they do to transform teaching and learning for students and their colleagues.

Established in 2009, the annual DENny Awards recognize Discovery Educators who have contributed to the growth of community through teaching or leading.

DENny winners receive a physical award and certificate, digital badge, and recognition of their achievement sent to their leadership team.

Congratulations to the 2019 DENny winners


This award honors educators who model and support the overall mission of the DEN in leading opportunities for others to learn, share, and connect.

Nicole Alcock

Terri Ault

Ann Bullock-Macgowan

Shawna Clemons

Sean Coffron

Courtney Conley

Laura Dawes

Margaret DiRocco

Alex Eckler

Dana Feeney

Danielle Fox


Jennifer Goffena

Brenda Green

Carol Hartmann

Paula Jasser

Michelle Jewell

Michael Knowlton

Andrea Lance

Stephanie Madlinger

Darcy McNee

Rita Mortenson

Beth Novick


Denise Orndorff

Marricea Page

Kathleen Richert

Nichelle Stigger

Jennifer Taulbee

Jodie Verkey

Karen Wells

Tracey Wiley

Logan Wright


This award is dedicated to educators who initiated or actively engaged in activity that significantly contributed to the sense of community.

Lorraine Ambrose

Kenneth Boykin

James Epps, Jr.

Kristen Garrett

Carla Havens

Dee Jarvis


Derek Lukens

Erin Malone- Shovlin

Peggy Osborne

Jenn Parker

Aaron Schippert

Arielle Sweis

DENny_rising_o.pngRising STAR

This award is dedicated to educators who are new to the Discovery Education Community and have demonstrated leadership in sharing resources with others.

Lorra Bedard

Jane Kent

Christine Moore

Danielle Navariz


Jessica Petree

Suzanne Pitts

Jenna Rhodes

Megan Smith


This award celebrates educators who demonstrate engaging and inventive approaches to teaching, learning, or leading.


Lisa Albaugh

Jennifer Barrett

Chi Chan

Emily Chant

Jennifer Deibler

Bushra Haq

Winnie Houk

Amanda Mackenzie

Catherine Medick



Karen Pfeffer

Lisamarie Sapp

Belinda Schroeder

Michele Sebrowski- Price

Erin Sullivan

Kylie Warner

Mariel Weed

Susan White


This award recognizes educators who have contributed to the success of local, national, or global Discovery Education communities through sharing their deep or unique expertise and skills with others.

Jeremy Badiner

Mark Case

Caitlin Creagan

Cindy Dubin

Deanna Durray

Angie Fitting

Becky Goddard

Jelina Gonzalez


Terra-Lee Gratton

Kay Hauck

Cathy Houchin

Brandy Lawrence

Melanie Mercier

Susie Throop

Diane Wolfe

DENny_contributor_o.pngCommunity Contributor

This award is dedicated to educators who are actively sharing and connecting with others in the DEN Online Community.


Joy Bunning

Lea Campbell

Carol Edwards

Tamara Gordon

Sherry Hladunewich



Sony Lovell

Corey Orr

Michelle Osborn-Hallet

Jerry Scoppa

 Spirit of the DEN

This award is dedicated to an educator who is committed to learning, sharing and connecting with other educators.

Jessie Erickson

DENny_RJ_o.pngRJ Stangherlin Award

This award is dedicated to an educator who shows an outstanding commitment to blogging and the Discovery Education Community.

Jennifer Hall