Saturday, October 19, 2019
Discovery Education's Virtual Conference (VirtCon) is an annual conference that brings the DEN Community together to
hear presentations, share ideas and instructional tools, and discover new resources.

2019 Fall VirtCon features "Community Favorites" presented by DEN STAR Educators—practicing educators, just like you. Learn tips, tricks, and strategies for integrating Discovery Education Experience digital curriculum resources to create effective and impactful learning experiences for students.

VirtCon Schedule

 All times Eastern (UTC -4:00 hours)
8:45–9:00 AM Pre-Event Show

9:00–9:15 AM Welcome to 2019 Fall VirtCon

9:15–9:40 AM Enhancing Literacy Instruction using SOS
featuring Emily Fagan and Jennifer Tatum
Learn how to use SOS to inspire learning through literacy. See real examples of how to integrate Discovery Education Experience digital resources including transcripts from videos, audio files and images with traditional picture books and novels to support students comprehension and communication skills.

9:40–10:00 AM Experience the SUPPORT
Discovery Education Experience offers research-based instructional strategies, step-by-step guides, interactive courses and one of the strongest professional networks for educators in the world - all at your convenience and comfort level.

10:00–10:15 AM Experience the INSPIRATION
Studio is a space where teachers can design and assign highly engaging lesson activities and students can create boards and demonstrate what they know.

10:15–11:10 AM The Art and Science of Presenting
featuring Wanda Hanley
Whether you are presenting to your staff, PLT, a district workshop, or in front of students - there is an art and science to effective presenting. Skillful presenters know there is much more to it than just content.  Increase awareness of different types of audience and learners, understand the essential elements of effective presentations, and acquire strategies to balance participation by utilizing the Spotlight on Strategies from Discovery Education Experience.

Differentiating Instruction with Discovery Education Experience
featuring Dane Sadownyk
Discovery Education Experience helps differentiate instruction with multimodal digital content for multiple learning styles, degrees of readiness, and interests by offering resources to help vary content, process, product, and learning environment. Explore resources, strategies, and learning opportunities for effectively using Discovery Education Experience to differentiate instruction.

11:10–11:30 AM Experience the EASE
Teaching channels personalized to interests and teacher resources support educators in lesson planning. Select preferences and interests to build custom channels that support your subjects and students, all in one easy-to-use interface.

11:30–11:55 PM Let's Get Googley
featuring Jennifer Hall
Get ready to Get Googley! Discovery Education and Google play well together: explore easy ways to infuse Discovery Education resources into your Google-based classroom to empower students to create, explore, and stay engaged!

11:55–12:15 PM Experience the WONDER
Curated one of kind content allows educators to unlock the interests of every student with standards-aligned, multimodal teaching resources that help educators make relevant and lasting connections between the subjects they’re learning and their everyday lives.

12:15–12:40 PM Instructional Inspiration
featuring Laura Mitchley
Based on popular topics in math, science, social studies, ELA, visual and performing arts, and health, learn how to access grab-and-go lesson activities that combine the best Discovery Education content with effective SOS Instructional Strategies you love—all in a flexible format you can modify to make your own or assign as-is.

12:40–1:00 PM Experience the EASE
Teaching channels personalized to interests and teacher resources support educators in lesson planning. Select preferences and interests to build custom channels that support your subjects and students, all in one easy-to-use interface.

1:00–1:25 PM Adding Relevance to PBL with Discovery Education Experience
featuring Pedro Delgado
To prepare today's learners for careers, educators must provide projects that allow them to solve real world problems. Explore key features of PBL, examples from classrooms, ready-to-go lessons, and how Discovery Education Experience supports these learning experiences.

1:25–1:45 PM Experience the COMMUNITY
Learn ways you can learn, share, and connect with the other Discovery Educators. Discuss ideas in real-time, connect with educators facing the same challenges, and earn badges for your Discovery Education activity.

1:45–2:10 PM Using Discovery Education to Facilitate 5E Inquiry Model for all Disciplines
featuring Meghan Waymire
Learn how to facilitate learning structured in the 5E Instructional Model by experiencing how students can engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate ideas in any content area using Discovery Education Experience and Science Techbook resources.

2:10–2:30 PM Closing

How to Participate

Take part in VirtCon sessions to learn how your peers are using Discovery Education in their classroom, hear how they solve problems, and experience Discovery Education through their eyes. You can participate in VirtCon by:

  • Watching VirtCon from home, a coffee shop, or soccer practice—you just need an Internet connection
  • Hosting an in-person viewing party for your colleagues
  • Attending a local in-person event
  • Following the learning by watching #DEPD  and #VirtCon on social media
  • Extending the conversation in the DEN Online Community

Join VirtCon

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VirtCon Viewing Party Map

Viewing parties are hosted throughout the country by DEN STAR Educators and provide an opportunity for you to meet new community members in your area, connect with colleagues locally and reflect on your learnings from the conference.
Browse the map below to see what viewing parties are currently being hosted in your area and register to join the event.

2019 Fall VirtCon Presenters

Fagan_2019VirtCon_200x200.png Tatum_2019VirtCon_200x200.png Sadownyk_2019VirtCon_200x200.png Hanley_2019VirtCon_200x200.png
Emily Fagan
Jennifer Tatum
Dane Sadownyk
Wanda Hanley
Hall_2019VirtCon_200x200.png Mitchley_2019VirtCon_200x200.png Delgado_2019VirtCon_200x200.png Waymire_2019VirtCon_200x200.png
Jen Hall
Laura Mitchley
Pedro Delgado
Meghan Waymire