Become a DEN STAR


As a Discovery Educator, are you passionate about using digital media to maximize student engagement and achievement? Do you share resources and collaborate with others? Are you interested in being part of an exclusive community of educators and the perks that come with it?

If so, we invite you to take the next step in growing your professional learning community by becoming a DEN STAR Educator.

T_Mumm_circle_300x300.png "Becoming a DEN STAR opened my eyes! It led me to the DEN and helped me to create my PLN [Professional Learning Network]. I am a better teacher because of it! I share this at each of my trainings in hopes of encouraging others to become STAR Educators."

Tiffany Mumm, Artistic Technology Teacher
Don Estridge High Tech Middle School, Boca Raton, Florida

DEN STAR Educators are knowledgeable about the effective use of Discovery Education’s digital services, programs, and events. STAR Educators actively share this knowledge with other educators, and they report their sharing through the DEN Online Community.

Discovery Education supports STAR Educators with exclusive resources, learning opportunities, and experiences, and recognizes and celebrates STAR Educators in-person and in the DEN Online Community.

It is simple to become a DEN STAR Educator, and educators of all experience and expertise levels are welcome. Here are a few of the benefits for being a STAR Educator, and the commitments STAR Educators make in return.

DEN STAR Educators receive:
  • Custom resources and support for sharing Discovery Education
  • Exclusive and early access to learning opportunities and experiences
  • Professional recognition and celebration in-person and in the DEN Online Community
  • Leadership opportunities at the school, district, or professional community
  • Connection to a like-minded community of educators interested in sharing and networking
DEN STAR Educators commit to:
  • Becoming a member of the DEN by joining the online community
  • Completing the DEN STAR Educator Application course
  • Report at least one event in the DEN STAR Educators group in the DEN Online Community
  • Staying knowledgeable about the effective use of Discovery Education’s digital services, programs, and events