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RE: #CelebrateWithDE Via Google Classroom

What a powerful idea by creating an online though provoking community. I am now spinning on ways to make that my own through the SeeSaw app in kindergarten. #DENfriend ​ #DENLC ​ #DENspiration ​ -- Sharman Asendorf General Ed Teacher- Kindergarten Val Verde Unified School District Perris CA...

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RE: #DENChat 05.03.18

#Swag?! I am in! I'm ready to learn more! I love the idea of my students connecting with their families and local community. ​#Lodidenamb #DENspiration ​ -- Chantelle Sloan Intervention Teacher Lodi Unified School District Lodi CA --

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Most Active Member of the Week - Lindsay Foster

We would like to recognize Lindsay Foster ( @Lindsay Foster ) as the most active DEN Online Community member for the week of November 5 - 12. Visit her profile page , add her as a contact, and send her a message! ​ Ask her about DENchat , and DENspiration . #MostActiveMember #DENChat ...

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RE: The DEN as a PLN

I did this with the FREE version. You are limited to one Grid/Board BUT you have unlimited topics. You do have restrictions on reply and comments though. -- Lindsay Foster #DENspiration

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RE: Assisted Reading - Text to Speech

While not necessarily an assistive piece in Discovery Education, we encourage our teachers to use the Google Chrome extension, Screencastify, to record the assessment. It allows for the image to be on the screen, the student to hear the assessment, and the student to control repetitions. --...

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The DEN as a PLN