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RE: SOS with a Digital Spinner

Hi @Tiffany Mumm . That is not a tool that I have heard of. Thanks for sharing. Here are a couple of other Random Pickers that I have discovered over the years. Random Name Picker from . Their site has a lot of great web tools to explore. Name Picker Ninja All of...

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SOS with a Digital Spinner

There is a FREE editable spinner at You can add words, names, or pictures to the spinner. It also allows you to SAVE and even SHARE the spinners that you create! Can't decide which SOS to use? Here is a spinner to choose it for you: Choose an SOS How could you use a...

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Weekly Favorites Ongoing List

This contains our ongoing list of our DEN Friends Weekly Favorites library resource or discussion post. Scroll through the list to see what has been featured in the past. January 9, 2019 Our latest Weekly Favorite was submitted by Jennifer Hall ( @Jennifer Hall ) Tech...

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RE: Station Rotations

Congratulations. Here is a link to all my centers. Most of them are #spotlightonstrategies - ​ HERE -- Peter Panico 5th Grade Teacher Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools 7045779116 --

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RE: Station Rotations

Congratulations, Susie! Hope your presentation goes well. Just in case you didn't see it, @Peter Panico recently shared an SOS Story about how he uses many different SOS strategies within stations. This might be something to add to your presentation. Also, @Dana Johnston has presented on DE...

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Station Rotations

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RE: #SpotlightOnStrategies Smashing!

I like the smashing idea Lindsay. Would love to hear how others plan to smash up the SOS. -- Rita A. Mortenson Educational Technology Coach Verona Area High School Verona, WI 53593 --

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RE: #SpotlightOnStrategies Smashing!

Thanks for the SOS smashup ideas! I was already incorporating a paper chat in my lesson tomorrow, but now will mash it with a pause and play. -- Karen Wells Library Media Specialist Midland School District Pleasant Plains AR --

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#SpotlightOnStrategies Smashing!