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RE: Let's Get Googley

Thanks @Lisa Thompson ​ I am thrilled you enjoyed the session. Try joining the Google Classroom (code: xpq33az) with your personal Gmail account. Most districts block you from joining classes outside your Google domain. Below is the link to #spotlightonstrategies templates on my site. ​...

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Environmental Adaptations (3rd Grade)

Here's an upcoming lesson I will be doing with third grade students. It is based on the TEKS 3.10(A) The student is expected to explore how structures and functions of plants and animals allow them to survive in a particular environment. Students will create an environment for a LEGO...

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RE: Posting to google classroom

@Bridgette Price - what @Jessie Erickson shared is great. I use SOS Templates created with Google apps (Docs, Drawings & Slides). They are great for students to respond before, during & after exploring the DE content. Here is a link to some templates is you are interested. ​​​ https:/...

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Posting to google classroom

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RE: Student Courses and Badges

I like that idea! I teach K-5 so I feel like I'm repeating myself quite a lot when I'm teaching them to create something! So if they have self-paced lesson, then I can assign that to their Google classroom, they can watch video (or read and do type of lesson) then it'll be a lot less on me to...

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Student Courses and Badges

I mentioned in a different post if there was need for students to access #spotlightonstrategies for their needs such as reports, showing what they know, etc. I wonder if they would also benefit from taking courses to learn how to best use lets say Board Builder, Studio and other features? Maybe...

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RE: What are your recommended first steps for getting started with Science Techbook?

You can use the Engage as a part of your initial lesson, every one starts with a discussion question and a small paragraph to get kids thinking leading to a small clip. Consider it a part of your lesson plan, then either independently or as a class complete Engage. Then have students work...

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RE: Using the Engage/Explore Tabs

I use the Engage and Explore tabs as integral parts of my lessons structure. The Engage I use in direct instruction, during the 5E Engag. The topic question they have at the top of the page, I at times discuss it directly with the students and show the small clip to get them engaged into the...